Technical Support

Use of hybrid alloy and pressure die-casting process coupled with high purity of
Active materials used:

Enhances the life of the Battery, prevents leaching of antimony into the Electrolyte whereby self discharge is minimum.
Renders low maintenance characteristics to the battery and hence less topping up.
Builds adequate back emf and resists over charging. This protects the charging system apart from savings on electricity.
Increases life span of the battery.
 Use of special additives and expanders in the negative paste formulation:
Renders the batteries suitable for deep discharge applications.
Renders the batteries suitable for deep discharge applications.
Prevents  negative growth.
Improves  terminal voltage.
Use  of Poly-ethylene separators have several advantages:
As they have good mechanical strength and are free from pin holes chances of failure of battery on this account is not there.
Since Poly-ethylene Separators have High Porocity & Low Electrical Resistance , the voltage drop across the terminals when the battery is on load is less.
Reduces temperature build up inside the battery .
Increases power output from the battery.
Aqua trap vent plugs:
Prevents electrolyte loss during the charging process by trapping the acid mist.
The surrounding atmosphere will be free from acid fumes.
Reduces the topping up frequency.
Since polypropylene containers are us:
The batteries are much lighter and attractive.
There is no sweating of the electrolyte.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Through partition Intercell connection :
Reduces  intercell resistance of the battery.
Prevents heating up of battery while charging and discharging.
No loose contacts within the battery.