Our Facility

Our Facility

Suntrac is equipped with sophisticated machinery, majority of which are imported from world renowned machine manufacturers. We have mechanised the entire manufacturing process to ensure consistency in quality and reduce the scope for human error.

All the critical components that go into each battery are produced in our Peenya facility, right from the raw material stage, thus, ensuring that every battery leaving our plant is of superior quality.


Specially Formulated Alloy

The specially formulated alloy of selenium, antimony, tin and lead imparts low maintenance characteristics to the battery by reducing the frequency of topping up and preventing overcharging of the battery.


Pressure Die Cast Tubular

Our positive spine grids are cast using cutting edge German technology on “HADI” pressure die casting machines. This imparts a dense grain structure to the grid, preventing grid corrosion. Hence, the service of the battery is high.


Lead Oxide Ball Mills

The positive plates are filled with high density (1.6-1.9 g/cc) lead suboxide, manufactured in house using German ball mills. Owing to this shedding of active material is prevented and hence our batteries deliver optimum capacity throughout their service life.


Autocast Negative Grids

The negative grids are cast on “WIRTZ” (USA) autocasting machines. This ensures a uniform grain structure and thickness of the negative grid. The negative grids are further pasted on “HADI” (Germany) pasting machine making sure that the negative active material is tightly packed in the grid pockets for perfect binding of the active material to the grid structure.


Seamless Intercell Welding

Intercell welding machine with 'MIYACHI' weld controller ensures seamless intercell connections. Every battery is subjected to weld testing, short circuit testing, and leak testing before leaving the assembly line.


Automated Assembly Line

Our batteries are assembled in a full-fledged assembly line with “SOVEMA” (Italy) and “LEKO” (Australia) machines and an X-Y axis conveyor system ensures perfect assembly of the battery at every stage